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Huacaya Alpacas for Sale


Open (Female)

Name Breed Gender Color Age Price
Admiral's Bronze Star of RDWD Huacaya Open (Female) Dark Brown 16 yrs $1250.00
G8S Admiral's Peruvian Duchess Huacaya Open (Female) Medium Brown 11 yrs $1250.00
G8S Bellatrix by Matrix Huacaya Open (Female) White 7 yrs $4000.00
G8S Francisco's Milk Money Huacaya Open (Female) White 8 yrs $1250.00
G8S Macho's My Way Or The Highway Huacaya Open (Female) White 6 yrs $4500.00
Ginger's Pumpkin Spice Huacaya Open (Female) Medium Brown 13 yrs $1250.00
MFI Peruvian Attaway Huacaya Open (Female) Beige 13 yrs $5000.00
MFI Peruvian Round Again Huacaya Open (Female) White 11 yrs $10000.00
RDWD Juggernaut's Peruvian Princess Huacaya Open (Female) Light Brown 14 yrs $1250.00